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Mutianyu Great Wall

About a hundred kilometers northeast of Beijing in Huairou District, Mutianyu Great Wall is a good compromise between accessibility and crowds of tourists. With the green coverage of more than 90%, the panorama view is impressive. The wall has been renewed here over a little more than 2 kilometers which you can walk along, much more calmly than at Badaling section. The large numbers of bastions and watchtowers make the site even more beautiful in winter and give you some shade in summer. Besides, the souvenir seller is mildly less than at Badaling Great Wall, once passed the line of shops at the entrance. The walk to the summit is easy, but long. A cable car gets you to the highest point from where you can come back down to Mutianyu or even go further towards the less touristy and unrestored parts.

Different Charm in Different Seasons
Mutianyu Great WallHiking Mutianyu Great Wall in spring, you will not only enjoy the Wall, the huge Wall, but also some trees that full of flowers around which make the Wall look more brilliant. Climb the Wall step by step, all of the flowers blooming are welcoming spring and welcoming you.

In the warm summer sunshine, you can explore all area of the great wall and take the toboggan ride bring you to the valley on a winding metal track. Some fresh air that also welcome you to explore the green area around.

Although the weather might be a little bit cold in autumn, the scenery is unbeatable. Would you like to see the beauty of red leaves covering the whole Great Wall? Visit Mutianyu when autumn comes. Experience some new and authentic atmosphere which will bring you to the more romantic and calm trip with your family or friends.

Scenery at the Mutianyu Great Wall in winter is certainly less colorful than that of spring and autumn, but anyway the winter snow shows us the different, special and great scene of the Wall. After snow, the whole Mutianyu Great Wall dress in the pure while clothes. The white snow and the white wall make the Great Wall more elegant.

How to get to Mutianyu Great Wall
By Bus: Take bus No.916 from Dongzhimen long distance bus station to Huairou International Conference Center and change to a mini bus or taxi to Mutianyu (25-30 CNY). Tourists Bus 6 leaves from Xuanwumen on weekends and national holidays from April 5 to October 15.
By Car: From Sanyuan Qiao on Third Ring Road, take Jingshun Lu to Huairou Qiao and turn toward Huairou, follow signs to Qingchun Lu Roundabout and turn to Huaisha Lu, keep driving to Mutianyu Roundabout and follow signs to the Great Wall.

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