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Jinshanling Great Wall

If you plan on taking an excursion in Beijing, Jinshanling Great Wall hiking is the No.1 choice! This section of the Great Wall has the advantage of being still broadly walkable and relatively less busy, without having been greatly renovated. Located 130 kilometers from Beijing Downtown, it is the paradise of shutterbugs, and also is the holy land for hiking.

Jinshanling Great WallJinshanling Great Wall is famous for its broader field of vision, intensive watch towers, peculiar views, exquisite architectural art and complete military defense system. The level of difficulty can be classed as "relaxing", even if certain paths are tricky: that allows you to benefit fully from the views. Jinshanling combines the countryside's authenticity and beauty which, without attaining Simatai's magnificence, is no less imposing for it, as soon as you have cleared the 25 watchtowers. Less busy a few years ago, the site has more recently regained interest, attracting a growing number of hikers hoping to practice. Although you can walk here all the year round, the unrenovated sections remain passable with difficulty and are very dangerous in winter.

It is possible to reach Simatai by foot from Jinshanling. This superb hike organized by many travel agencies from Beijing and made more and more by visitors, lets you see two of the most beautiful places on the Great Wall of China all by wandering off the beaten track.

Leaving early in the morning from Jinshanling, you can easily cover 10 kilometers to Simatai before noon. The level of difficulty is not high, but some pats of the Wall have not been renovated and require a good level of physical fitness. Reckon on a pace of about 2.5 to 3 kilometers/hour. Arriving at Simatai, you have to buy a ticket to enter the site and then pay for the right to go across the footbridge which joins the two sections of the Wall. If you are not too tired you can tackle the climb up Simatai: that alone will require the same effort as the 10 kilometers you have just covered.

How to get to Jinshanling Great Wall
By Bus: From Dongzhimen long distance bus station, take a Chengde bound bus and get off at Jinshanling. Then take a taxi to the entrance for 10 CNY.
By Car: From Sanyuan Qiao on Third Ring Road, take Jingshun Lu all the way past Miyun. At Gubeikou follow signs toward Chengde and then follow signs to Jinshanling Great Wall.

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